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Track it with tools 

You want a solution that goes from start to finish, and beyond. USU Software Asset Management helps you manage your software costs, optimize the data center, and effectively move to the cloud.

Succeed with Services

USU services are designed around your needs. Our experts talk with your experts to implement a specialized plan for your SAM strategy to succeed. Because solutions matter, but people make the difference.


A Software Asset Management strategy empowers better software licensing decisions that lower costs

You decide where to start: A portfolio of products that work together or apart


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License Management 

  • Manage licenses for servers, desktops, cloud, and mobile
  • Track all essential software vendors in a centralized system
  • Ensure compliance and defend against software license audits
  • Manage any type of volume agreement and multi-layered contract conditions
  • Simulate and compare different server and licensing scenarios for strategic IT forecasting

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  • Gather data to calculate usage on-premises and in the cloud
  • Inventory your entire data center, including all servers and virtual machines
  • Get consumption data about all cloud and hybrid services
  • Run agent or agentless collection, or a combination of both
  • Close data gaps by connecting to hundreds of data sources across your companys.

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SaaS Optimization

  • Control and choose the best cloud licensing models for your business
  • Monitor storage and account costs with overview of cloud usage
  • Know how much server space you need for capacity management
  • Automatically re-harvest inactive accounts to avoid new purchases
    Know your usage to negotiate cost reductions during service renewals.
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Oracle Optimization

  • Control and optimize the licenses for Oracle 
  • Reporting tools that find the lowest, fairest price you can pay
  • Active handling of license options, versions, and account types
  • Hit the sweet spot for only the maintenance that you need
  • Strengthen your vendor contract negotiations with trusted data and compliance.
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Optimization for SAP 

  • EControl and optimize the licenses for SAP
  • Reporting tools that find the lowest, fairest price you can pay
  • Active handling of license options, versions, and account types
  • Hit the sweet spot for only the maintenance that you need
  • Strengthen your vendor contract negotiations with trusted data and compliance.
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Professional Services

For successful Software Asset Management, you can’t install a tool and flip a switch. That’s why our local Services team is here for you. We design services around your needs. Three levels of SAM Services:

  • License Compliance,
  • Managed Services 
  • SAM as Service

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Gartner Peer Insights - top “Customer Choice Zone” ranking

We’re proud to announce that USU SAM (formerly Aspera) has landed in the highly competitive upper right “Customer Choice Zone” for the Gartner Peer Insights “Voice of the Customer” SAM Tools Customers’ Choice quadrant. Here’s what our customers have to say about working with us…


 "SmartTrack was simple to implement, and provides robust reporting."
Director of Asset Management, Global Proc in the Manufacturing Industry

New to Software Asset Management?

Get help with Compliance

Compliance: Control costs, risks, and complexity with transparency
Optimization: Get more mileage out of your licenses by knowing what’s in them and how you’re using them
Savings: Use SAM insights to lower licensing costs and save time

Ready to start now? Get the SAM Program Guide with all the information you need to get started:

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USU Software Asset Management: Demo Dashboard

Get an overview of USU SAM:

This demo video shows how the solution optimizes your software costs, lowers audit risk and increases customer retention.

Make the best choices for software your company uses, and services that help you succeed.

License Management (SmartTrack) 

Reduce the cost, risk and complexity of server & cloud licenses

Costs and Compliance for Software License Management
Know what you have, and know what you need. This information is essential for paying exactly what your company requires for their software and cloud services. It also ensures the licensing is used legally, according to your contracts with vendors. USU License Management is the strategic solution for managing those costs and risks so your business runs smoothly and within budget.

Foundations of Modern SAM

This white paper shows you how to manage your people, processes and technology in this period of unprecedented digital transformation.


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Discovery (SmartCollect)

Turn software and cloud data into SAM strategy

Collect, clean and calculate with discovery
From data center to cloud services, USU Software Asset Management (formerly Aspera SmartCollect) gathers the essential data to calculate your software licences. The solution collects, consolidates, and cleans your data, showing you the big picture for vendors such as Microsoft, Oracle and SAP, and cloud services like Azure, AWS and Oracle Cloud. Now you can harness the power of deep scanning and inventory collection from physical and virtual devices across your entire network.

Whitepaper Trustworth Data

Discover the opportunities that trustworthy data creates for IT stakeholders.This ITAM Review white paper explains the latest best practices for data collection from multiple sources

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SaaS Optimization

Understand and make the most of your cloud software

Get quick and easy access to important apps, save time on procurement and installation, and let worries about servers and storage space fade away — after all, cloud solutions are scalable and adapt perfectly to the needs of your company. But you also know that using the cloud can mean losing control and incurring high, unwanted expenses. And make it harder for you to cost-effectively manage your SaaS solutions.
Use our solution to gain maximum transparency and a better negotiating position with providers.
SaaS Optimization gives you a complete overview of your SaaS environment and features so you can optimize subscription contracts automatically and permanently. Reliable, relevant data is accessed directly from SaaS services, such as Microsoft Office 365; Salesforce Sales, Service, and Marketing Cloud; ServiceNow; Adobe Creative Cloud; and hundreds more.

SAM Mythbusters  

Debunking the Cloud Compliance Myth. Did you know that software license compliance is as much a problem in the cloud as it is in your physical on-premises environment?





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Oracle Optimization 

Lower your costs & contracts with verified data

Ensure that you pay the lowest price for Oracle software licensing. USU Software Asset Management simplifies your Oracle environment’s complexity and ensures your licenses are compliant. This dedicated solution uses Oracle-verified discovery data to deliver a thorough analysis with accurate details and smart reporting.Optimize Oracle licenses with automatic analysis reporting. You get the insights that help you pay the lowest price for Oracle licensing. Know the details of your Oracle contracts and maintenance costs, and confidently prepare for audits and reviews.

Your Guide to Software Asset Management for Oracle

Oracle license management is so complex that many Oracle customers avoid understanding their licenses. 



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Optimization for SAP

Cut SAP costs, keep SAP compliance

Your SAP landscape is a huge network of systems and user accounts that is reconfigured almost daily. With so many changes, it’s challenging to ensure your company pays only for the licenses you need.
Smart SAP rules for engines and packages
That’s why USU Software Asset Management has the most intelligent SAP rule definitions in the industry. You get the right information to determine individual license usage for each SAP engine and package, and to simulate big license changes such as migrating to S/4HANA.
Our solution finds the most cost-effective SAP licenses while ensuring you are compliant with SAP’s license measurements.

The Ultimate SAP® S/4HANA Migration Guide

This guide will show you how to prepare for your very own S/4HANA migration. It will outline the challenges, S/4HANA’s licensing models, your license conversion choices, and provide helpful advice from our in-house SAP experts





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Professional Services

SAM services designed around your needs

For successful Software Asset Management, you can’t install a tool and flip a switch. That’s why our Services team is here for you. Do you want to out-task your essential daily processes, or put our expertise toward your long-term operations and strategy? We design our Software Asset Management services around your needs, for rock-solid assurance that your company can focus on its core business and the big picture.


License Compliance 

Your fast view of risk and saving Have an upcoming true-up or worried about an audit? Get a fast analysis of license compliance and cost avoidance for an important vendor.

Managed Services

Find the best support for your needs
Your SAM journey doesn’t end once the technology is installed. Now you can get real value and ROI by choosing exactly the SAM services you need.

SAM as a Service

Let us take care of everything If you don’t have in-house resources or prefer a scalable staff, our full-service package can step in. It’s our ongoing partnership with you.


Contact us to find out what level of engagement fits you best






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USU has partnered with Thamani Multiconcept to consult, deploy, train and transition or manage USU’s knowledge management solution in Nigeria.

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