Webinar: 10 Ways to Stop Wasting Money on SaaS Subscriptions

A powerful guide to clear the junk in your costly SaaS trunk

Software vendors are pushing customers to SaaS subscriptions. But they don’t help you monitor the software services you’re using – or just as importantly, not using.

According to a Gartner® statistic in 2020, an estimated 30% of the $102 billion spent on SaaS was not used. That’s a lot of software garbage. Watch our webinar to learn 10 powerful ways to control SaaS waste. 

SaaS subscriptions are difficult to track since they are accessed remotely, easy to start up and easy to forget about. 

This leads to many hidden costs over time:

  •     under-usage of subscriptions
  •     over-purchasing those subscriptions 
  •     unintended duplication of subscriptions 

In this webinar, Principal Solution Engineer Robbie Plourde will show you powerful ways to stop SaaS waste including 10 best practices, which can be quick business wins in controlling SaaS costs.


Robbie Plourde Executive Sales Enablement Lead