Get your Knowledge Management booster!

Learn why knowledge management is a must-have for your business

Employees have adapted to a new way of working. Attitudes toward automation and AI to enable the new world of work have also evolved. Organizations need to advance their Knowledge Management practices to further enable them.

Join our webinar to find out why leveraging knowledge management software has become a business imperative. The adoption of KM  platforms is rapidly growing. In 2022 alone, Gartner predicts Knowledge Management spending to grow by 31.5%, more than any other AI-based software segment.


This free session will outline how businesses can boost employee efficiency and further adapt to the new way of working. 

You’ll see how Knowledge Management can help:

  • Support Remote/Hybrid workers to get the information they need instantly
  • Retain critical knowledge and processes regardless of employee turnover
  • Bolster automation and increase employee efficiency
  • Enable Generation Z and other Digital Natives to leverage their skills effectively


Jarrod Davis Product Marketing Manager

Stuart Beame Training & Knowledge Management Consultant