USU Strategy Xpert Talk

Virtual Panel Discussion with Dr. Benjamin Strehl & Guest Experts

29. April 2021

5:00pm – 5:45pm

Everything as a Service – Digitalization is the Disruptor of Customer Experience

In our new digital event series, Dr. Benjamin Strehl joins leaders from the digital economy and scientific community to discuss digital transformation, strategies for digitizing business models, and the potential of people and technology. 

Inspiringknowledge-packed discussion awaits you on cutting-edge strategic topics with top-class speakers. Get exclusive insights and interactions with the experts. 


Are you a CXO, executive, or manager who makes decisions that have a strategic impactThe USU Strategy Xpert Talk is the right platform for an exchange with experts from the business world. 

Here are four reasons for your participation: 

  • Take advantage of our expert’s experience and strategic knowledge  
  • Engage in an active exchange of ideas with the participants 
  • Ask your specific questions to Dr. Benjamin Strehl and guest experts 
  • Stay informed about trends, challenges, and approaches to strategic topics 

Everything as a Service – Digitalization is the Disruptor of Customer Experience

Over the past decade, digital transformation has changed and reinvented how companies do business and interact with customers. Given the pace of technological advances, everything could be offered as a service in future. Entire business models could shift, from producing goods to delivering services. Distribution, warehousing, transportation, and other functions have already moved from organizations to specialized service providers.  

Our Chief Strategy Officer Dr. Benjamin Strehl and his guest speakers Ronald von Loon and Dr. Marcell Vollmer discuss these guiding questions: 

  • What’s the driver of service transformation – the customer or technology?  
  • How will AI & digital technology create new or modify existing customer experiences?  
  • Which data and processes are essential in the digital transformation journey? 
  • Is AI a real game changer for service delivery? 

The available number of participants is limited – register today to be part of this exclusive event! 


Dr. Benjamin Strehl CSO & Member of the Management Board

Dr. Marcell Vollmer Partner & Director at Boston Consulting Group

Ronald van Loon CEO & Principal Analyst at Intelligent World