5 Simple Steps to Evolve Your Contact Center from SharePoint

SharePoint just doesn’t deliver the support that a purpose-built Knowledge Management solution is designed to provide.

If you use SharePoint for your contact center, you’re likely aware of its constraints for offering agents efficient, consistent omnichannel support. Sharepoint lacks the functionality and agility required to create the exceptional EX that employees expect and the superior CX that customers demand.

Don’t put off sunsetting SharePoint because it feels like an overwhelming project. Our team has helped many customers through successful transitions from SharePoint.

This webinar gives you a step-by-step project plan and best practices. You’ll see:

  • How professional Knowledge Management can boost your EX and CX where SharePoint drags them down
  • Best practices and customer stories on how to make the transition easier and successful
  • Different options and methods for transitioning from SharePoint


Chris Andre Rall Sales Director North America

Jarrod Davis Product Marketing Manager