From Adobe to Zoom

How SAM can help to keep costs under control in the world of hybrid software

SaaS and the revolution of the employment market

The past year has brought changes to many companies that would have normally taken the market years to adopt. Some even call it a revolution. A large part of the workforce was sent to work from home, which increased the acceptance of SaaS solutions. Today, the cloud is around 50% of software costs.

SaaS solutions offer many benefits. But cloud costs can quickly build into heavy storms over your software environment, draining away its shiny new sparkle, if they aren’t managed correctly. Transparency and a full overview are needed to keep cloud costs light and fluffy.

In this webinar, our experts Daniel Fink and Alexander Jauch will talk about how to make sure your SaaS investment keeps its sparkle.

  • Analyze your actual usage,
  • identify potentials for cost savings,
  • chose the best-suited usage and licensing models.

Put yourself in a position to make informed decisions and reduce your SaaS costs significantly for providers such as Salesforce, Office 365, Adobe, and SAP.



Daniel Fink Sales Manager

Alexander Jauch Sales Manager