How to Launch a SAM Program with Limited Budget

14. April 2021

1:00pm ET / 10:00am PT

How to Launch a SAM Program with Limited Budget

Whether you’re starting to think about how to cut software costs, or your organization has an existing initiative with limited resources, there are simple actions you can take right now to move forward. Our team will walk you through the key stages of a Software Asset Management (SAM) program, and provide guidance if there is little to no budget committed.

Using recent business case examples, you’ll see how your organization can:

  • Cut software costs with limited investment
  • Build a SAM business case and secure stakeholder buy-in
  • Mature and amplify results of an existing SAM program


Lawrence Dempsey Director of Professional Services

Rebecca Horton Manager, ITAM, Ceridian aka ITAMGeekGirl

Ron Sturley Country Manager, North American Partners & Alliances, Software Asset Management at USU Solutions, Inc

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