Webinar: IT Visibility in the age of complex technology environments

In recent years the dynamic growth of cloud and SaaS, and the transition away from secure corporate networks and traditional centralized data centers, has greatly changed an enterprise’s IT estate. New asset classes, such as Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices, edge computing and containerized applications.

This development is adding new challenges to the discovery and inventory of software and hardware, metering of software, access management, and the management of security vulnerabilities.

That is in part the reason why a new approach is needed - IT Visibility. Because IT Visibility is used by multiple stakeholders to meet multiple business requirements including cost management, risk management, operational efficiency, and regulatory compliance.

Learn in this session with Rebecca Horton what’s in the scope for IT Visibility and how a unified approach, founded on trustworthy data, will accelerate IT management, governance and strategic decision making in an increasingly complex and diverse technology landscape.

Here's the agenda for the webinar:

  • What is IT Visibiliy?
  • Why trustworthy data is key
  • Build your source of truth
  • Strategic impact of manageable data
  • Get your IT Visibility initiative started
  • Conclusion
  • Q+As


Rebecca Horton VP Customer & Professional Services, USU

AJ Witt ITAM Industry Analyst, The ITAM Review