Why Nespresso relies on knowledge management to increase customer satisfaction and wins!

Webinar on Demand

Watch this Webinar to learn how Nespresso enhanced their customer satisfaction with USU

Patrizia Ledermann-Gerosa, enterprise support specialist at Nespresso Deutschland, looks back with Nicola McDonald, Head of Knowledge Management at Customer Driven, at how the world's leading coffee capsule company has improved service quality and customer satisfaction.

Learn how USU's knowledge management tools and chatbot, from call centers over stores, have enabled employees and agents of this world-renowned company to have real-time access to all information, in all media, from a single source of knowledge to boost customer experience.

Learn from real life examples and experiences.


Patrizia Ledermann-Gerosa Enterprise Support Specialist, Nespresso Deutschland GmbH

Nicola McDonald Head of Knowledge Management, Customer Driven

Fiona Keough Chief Executive Officer, Auscontact Association