Proven Strategies to Build an Omnichannel KMS that Actually Work

The rapid transition to hybrid and remote workforces will permanently impact the way organizations share information. Now more than ever, companies rely on omnichannel knowledge management solutions to communicate critical changes in real time, and to support employees with accurate, easy-to-access information.

Join USU’s Chris Rall and Tariq Alinur, CEO of BraynCX, who will share use cases from his first-hand experiences rolling out call centers and CX operations initiatives for Spirit Airlines, CWC, Apple and more.

Whether you already use KMS, have existing software investments such as SharePoint or Salesforce, are transitioning to a new technology, or are searching for the right KMS to solve organizational challenges, you’ll leave this session with a powerful action-list to:

  • Build agent-focused solutions to improve employee efficiency and reduce turnover
  • Slice interaction times up to 30% by integrating frictionless self-service tools
  • Implement guided workflow processes to improve EX/CX in a hybrid work environment
  • Ensure communications consistency during quick deployments and optimize top contact drivers and relevant content


Chris Andre Rall Sales Director North America

Tariq Alinur CEO, BraynCX