Effortless SaaS Optimization - What you need to know

Control climbing SaaS costs and stop unnecessary waste.

SaaS licenses help run your business, so why aren’t you managing them?

If you are like most organizations, you are probably overpaying for software licenses and underusing half of them. 

Learn from SAM veteran Robbie Plourde how USU SaaS Optimization has helped customers save money on SaaS subscriptions in 2022. 

 - Exclusive webinar for USU customers -

This webinar will provide insights on how you can better manage all your SaaS products in one solution.

Robbie will review best practices for optimizing your SaaS estate and share real customer learnings and successes from MS365, Salesforce, Adobe CC, ServiceNow, SAP, and Zoom.


Robbie Plourde Executive Sales Enablement Lead