SAP Authorization Management: Cut your costs: Deactivate inactive users & reduce sap license fees

Partner Webinar in collaboration with AKQUINET

Use the SAST SUITE to analyze your SAP users, to find out about their actual usage and identify user IDs that are no longer in use

Every year, SAP audits its customers’ systems and calculates the user-specific license fee based on the collected data. Many companies prefer to leave SAP users active when in doubt, however, out of concern that their day-to-day operations might be disrupted. They fear that a given user ID might still be used technically for background workflows or interface activities.

It’s a double win for you: with little effort, a fast return on investment is practically certain.

Topics of focus during this webinar are:

  • How to reduce your SAP license fees without affecting your day-to-day business
  • How to use the SAST SUITE to identify users that are no longer needed
  • A step-by-step instructions for deactivating obsolete SAP users
  • Best practice tips for your inactive SAP user deactivation

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