Customer Talk with Türk Telekom & Akbank

Webinar: Get actionable advice from our experts on SAM tool selection

Customer Talk - Evaluating SAM Tools [in Turkish]

Software Asset Management (SAM) is a proven strategy for getting budgets under control and maximizing savings while being able to make the best decisions to support the work of employees and other stakeholders.

In this webinar, our customers Türk Telekom & Akbank provide insights into how the recent Gartner® report "Market guide for Software Asset Management (SAM) tools" can be used to evaluate top SAM tool vendors.

With this information, you will be empowered to revamp your SAM processes to:

  • Generate cost savings & automation
  • Get IT risks & security gaps under control
  • Reduce IT complexity
  • Create added value for customers

In this webinar, the following questions are answered:

  • What are the standard capabilities that modern SAM tools should have today?
  • How can I identify the different types of SAM vendors and consulting services I need?
  • What skills do I need to produce and manage adequate data quality?
  • Why is it important to consider SAM as Managed Services to achieve better SAM results?


Kerim Kerim Yuksel Founder & Managing Director, Master of Service Academy

Abdullah Abdullah Tutğaç Manager of Contract and Software Asset Management Office