Elevating ITAM Success

Webinar is held in the Turkish language

Harnessing the Power of Trustworthy Data

Uncover the transformative potential of reliable data in IT Asset Management (ITAM) This webinar, held in Turkish, is for those steering intricate IT environments, the pursuit of accurate information is paramount to constructing a comprehensive overview and making strategic decisions. High-quality data forms the bedrock of ITAM triumph, underscoring the need for a robust approach in gathering governance data across diverse IT assets—ranging from on-premises and physical devices to virtual servers, cloud and SaaS.

Watch this webinar to explore the latest best practices for collecting data from multiple sources. Learn how to:

  • Acquire and manage high-quality data seamlessly across your organization
  • Leverage trustworthy data to engage stakeholders and achieve business objectives
  • Implement data collection best practices for optimizing Office 365 costs

We will enhance your understanding with real customer examples and stories from our esteemed clients.


Kerim Kerim Yuksel Founder & Managing Director, Master of Service Academy

Abdullah Abdullah Tutğaç Manager of Contract and Software Asset Management Office

Rabia Rabia Duduhacioglu Infrastructure Technologies Department, Akbank

Sedatcan Sedatcan Sadrazam IT Infrastructure Experienced System Management Specialist

Mustafa Mustafa Çelen Software Asset Manager | SAM Advanced Generalist | ITAM Forum Ambassador