Service Level Monitoring with USU IT Monitoring

Ensure compliance with your agreed service levels

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Measuring, monitoring and reporting service levels

The availability of business processes, services or systems is usually agreed by IT providers with their customers or users via service level agreements (SLAs). For this purpose, service times (e.g. Mon-Fri from 6:00-20:00 and Sat 8:00-18:00) and the availability and performance characteristics for a specific reference period (e.g. calendar month) are contractually agreed.

USU IT Monitoring provides comprehensive functions for monitoring and documenting the service levels which have been achieved. Service levels can be calculated in any number of iteration steps based of data collection objects of the monitoring solution.

Learn what benefits USU IT Monitoring has to offer:

  • Monitors compliance of service levels in real-time
  • Allows fast response in case of imminent SLA violations
  • Alerts when threshold values are violated
  • Generates telling reports manually or time-controlled
  • Helps to monitor performance readings
  • Determines characteristics for customized viewing periods