IT Visibility for Cybersecurity

Learn Why SAM is an Essential Function of IT Security

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Cybersecurity and Software Go Hand in Hand

Digital environments have driven the use of interconnected applications that lead to better collaboration and service delivery. But they also make visibility and complexity a bigger challenge.

Cybersecurity risks continue to be top of mind for organizations and their executives and boards. The rise of remote workers and the fully distributed enterprise has magnified those risks. A recent IDG report found that:

  • 84% of respondents consider IT asset visibility a significant challenge
  • 60% report that lack of IT visibility into security and vulnerabilities is a top concern

That’s where SAM comes in. The most successful Cybersecurity teams are working with SAM professionals to identify and minimize security vulnerabilities. SAM teams are the best data source to identify what software is installed across the IT environment, what systems are connected and when they are out-of-date.

Learn how SAM teams help address cybersecurity risk in an organization by:

  • Better control of assets
  • Ensuring products and patches are up-to-date
  • Reducing costs in hardware, software and services