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Announcing Knowledge Center 7.2

USU is excited to announce the latest release of Knowledge Center, the foundation of USU Knowledge Management. The updated user interface and modern block-based rich text editor make it easier than ever for agents to quickly find answers and deliver solutions to customers.

The new active document type enables users and editors to mix static and dynamic content, defining when and how it appears. Our dedicated media streaming server and new AI-based document tagging further improve performance, speeding up content search and delivery.

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Enhanced Knowledge Management Analytics

Know your service, inside and out with our new advanced analytics with detailed reports on user engagement, search patterns, and insights to improve agent and content performance. It includes off-the-shelf reports that deliver actionable insights for knowledge managers to identify content gaps, inquiry trends, and search performance.


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What’s New

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Improved user interface and branding
Modern block-based editor
Active documents to mix static and dynamic content
New advanced analytics and reporting module
Integrated media server for content streaming
Offline version for field support
International market conformity options including standard document sizes for additional countries, time zones, content-language locals, and user reports
The ability to import/export decision trees (guided dialogs)
AI-powered automatic document tagging
Additional chatbot features


New Block-Based Editor for Static & Dynamic Content



Knowledge Management Analytics


AI-Powered Document Tagging



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