Comparison of Leading Knowledge Base Providers

Evaluating the best knowledge management systems on the market

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Know the facts, make the right chose for your business

Implementing the right knowledge base has a measurable impact on the effectiveness of your customer service agents and representatives. Knowledge management in business cuts costs and empowers customers and agents alike. Information and knowledge management go hand in hand, which is why finding the right provider for your company is essential. We’ve put together this comparison between knowledge management solutions to help with vendor selection based on your specific needs. 

Understand the benefits and differences of knowledge base providers

Through listing the different knowledge management examples and evaluating the KM benefits, you can find which provider is the best for your company! A successful enterprise knowledge management system can set your business apart from your competitors.  

Compare the critical capabilities of providers like:

  • USU
  • Shelf
  • KMS Lighthouse
  • Salesforce / Zendesk
  • Sabio Serviceware Knowledge