Comparison of the Best Knowledge Management Systems

Evaluate top vendors: USU, Confluence, Sharepoint & Salesforce

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Get the best value for your Service Center investment

The right knowledge management solution increases customer service efficiency, streamlines training, and ultimately leads to better employee and customer retention. But finding the right tool for your company’s unique requirements is not easy. To simplify your customer service knowledge management search, we compared USU knowledge management software with the functions of popular solutions such as Confluence, Sharepoint and Salesforce. Bringing together knowledge management examples, information and knowledge management is made simple through this fact sheet.

We’ve put together a comparison of the most critical features and KM benefits to help you choose the best vendor for your specific needs. Knowledge management in business has never been made easier. 

Make the right knowledge management decision for your company

See how USU’s Knowledge Management solution compares to Confluence, Sharepoint & Salesforce across different areas.

We break down the providers functions into three clear sections:

  • Editorial
  • Search and document access
  • Service center functions