IDC Study: Cloud Architectures and Infrastructures in Germany 2021

Tackling IT complexity efficiently with modern infrastructures

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The cloud will become IT's center of gravity

To date, cloud-based infrastructures have often been confined to data centers, either at the provider’s or in a virtualized and automated IT environment, with public cloud services being integrated more or less intensively into individual workloads. As an approach, it does not go far enough. Although computer and storage resources are being continuously ramped up, this is not enough to enable digitization at intra and inter-corporate level.

In the medium term, the cloud is destined to become the IT’s center of gravity. We will witness a shift from using individual cloud services towards a digital infrastructure framework with the cloud as the main delivery model in the upcoming years. Some enterprises have already gone down that path.

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The findings of the IDC study "Cloud Architectures and Infrastructures in Germany 2021" will help you to:
  • plan and take next steps now
  • choose the right cloud architecture
  • optimize cloud operations and cloud governance