Practical guide: Configuration management database

How to roll out your CMDB successfully

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What your CMDB should be able to do

Knowledge of existing IT infrastructures and their relationships to business has become the basic prerequisite for many business-relevant decisions and investments. The Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is therefore regarded as the central foundation of IT Service Management (ITSM) processes and as the process-supporting cross-section tool. 

In practice, however, many configuration management projects do not achieve their goal because the desired transparency of the IT systems cannot be achieved with the required quality. This white paper summarizes everything worth knowing about the topic CMDB, shows the challenges and stumbling blocks and gives practical tips for a successful introduction. 

The white paper was created in cooperation with the company endlich OHG. Stefan Witt has been a Principal Consultant for more than 10 years on projects with a focus on Configuration Management and CMDB.