End-to-End Monitoring ‒ Seeing What the Customer Sees

The end-to-end monitoring of the end-user view

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The end user must also be the focus of a holistic IT monitoring

End-to-end monitoring is a sub-discipline of IT monitoring that aims to ensure the quality of IT services from the user's perspective. With this continuous monitoring, the availability and response times of applications can be proactively monitored from the user's perspective. The actual availability of IT services is continuously checked and documented. Any system bottlenecks that arise can be identified at an early stage and eliminated in a targeted manner, even before users are affected.

This white paper describes why E2E monitoring is an indispensable component of comprehensive service monitoring, especially in the cloud age, what motives and goals are associated with it, what prerequisites are important in practice, and what concepts, processes and tools can be used to make end-user monitoring a success.

In this practical guide you will learn:

  • E2E, APM or EUX - a clarification of terms
  • Why end-to-end monitoring is so important
  • The approaches of E2E monitoring
  • E2E monitoring - conception, processes and SLA definitions
  • The web store - a use case
  • What a professional solution should do