End to End Monitoring

Support your end users

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The end user must also be the focus of a holistic IT monitoring

End-to-end (E2E) or end user experience (EUX) monitoring – this is how that subdiscipline is called which targets IT service quality assurance from a user perspective. This is based on the experience that monitoring individual technical components of an IT service is not sufficient.

This white paper describes why E2E monitoring is an indispensable part of comprehensive service monitoring, it reveals the underlying reasons and targets, it illustrates the requirements to be met to put it into practice and shows the designs, processes and tools required for successful implementation.

If IT monitoring only checks the quality of individual components of a service supply chain, only isolated results will be returned. The experience of applications perfectly working together can be observed at the “point of customer“ only, i.e. before the screen. And this is exactly what E2E monitoring ensures.