IT Monitoring for medium-sized companies

For a reliably working IT infrastructure

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A company can succeed only with a reliably working IT infrastructure

Even small and medium-sized companies depend today on the availability and performance of their IT. If important IT components fail, the whole organization may be affected. It is not just a question of a central communication means no longer working in case of an e-mail server malfunction, for example. If the online shop or the customer portal no longer works, not only does this lead to a loss of image but also to sales and business losses that affect the very core of the enterprise. Comprehensive IT monitoring is required. This white paper illustrates the challenges that IT teams in medium-sized companies face these days. It also shows the requirements to be met by state-of-the-art monitoring solutions. It points out what to consider when it comes to the comparison with open-source solutions and how a field-proven approach may look like.