Predictive Maintenance - faster than the fault!

Practical tips and lessons learned for a successful implementation

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What machine builders and operators need to know and must do when implementing predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance is one of the most frequently used buzzwords in t Industry 4.0. "Predict the future!" This promise often seems suspect and unnecessary to machine manufacturers and operators. Not so! 

Increasing complexity, shorter development cycles, and growing diversity of variants with a high degree of individualization are challenges humans can master at the machine. But not completely, because  humans are not scalable. The solution is to use your industrial data to develop data-driven services, like predictive maintenance. 

This white paper answers all the important questions and provides valuable practical tips, including:

  • What successes can be expected?
  • What specifically needs to be done with your data?
  • What does the process model look like?
  • Real world success stories
  • Lessons learned