The practical impact of ITIL 4 - Part 2

White Paper Series - part 2: The new practices

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White Paper: The new ITIL 4 practices

The second part of our white paper series focuses on the practical impact of the 34 new ITIL practices. It provides you with a quick overview of relevant content without having to read the 34 PDF documents, some of which are extensive. It explains for each of the practices if there are any substantial changes compared to the processes from ITIL v3/2011. You will also learn what specific recommendations exist for their application in practice.

This white paper was written together with Stephen Mann. He is an independent IT service management expert and has in-depth knowledge of ITIL best practices and their application in practice.

Part 1 of the white paper series addresses the concepts of ITIL 4 and their organizational implications, and part 3 will deal with the necessary tool support of ITIL 4.