Knowledge Management for Automotive

Driving the Future of Customer Service

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How Knowledge Management can enable a differentiated customer experience.

Customers spend an average of about 15 hours in the process of buying a new car but over 3 times as much getting it serviced for the duration of ownership.

No wonder the post-purchase customer experience is crucial to customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. 

Combined with intelligent integrations, KM tools can consolidate vehicle information, service histories, and customer profiles to create a 360° picture of the customer’s situation. Automotive brands can then provide fast and accurate service whether via the web, email, chat, customer call center, or at the dealership.  And further differentiate themselves from other service options.

Want to see Knowledge Management benefits in practice?

This white paper will show you how to:

  • Centralize all of your support information.
  • Automate the creation, editing, delivery and optimization of all your content.
  • Flexibly reuse data without additional effort.