Whitepaper: A Case for AI

Artificial Intelligence in Service Management

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The future of ITSM: spare capacity and greater efficiency

The application of artificial intelligence in IT service management has long since ceased to be a pioneering project or concept sketch. Instead, it represents a major development with numerous proven use cases that significantly boosts the performance of ITSM tools.   

By increasing the level of automation, efficiency and process quality in IT service management, the IT organization gradually liberates itself from routine tasks. This frees up resources and allows employees to concentrate on the actual value creation: successfully introducing technology-driven innovations into the company.

In this white paper you will discover: 

  • Use cases and potentials of artificial intelligence in IT service management.
  • More about AI-based ticket routing, AI-based master ticket creation or AI-based early detection of monitoring incidents.
  • How to perform service management tasks more securely, quickly and effectively with the help of AI.