10 Tips to get Cloud Costs Under Control

Revolutionize your cloud spend with these proven techniques

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In the realm of IT asset management, the spotlight is now firmly fixed on the adept management of cloud infrastructures and public clouds. While 'the cloud' offers unparalleled flexibility and scalability, it can also lead to unexpected and rapidly escalating costs if not managed properly.

This checklist is designed to give ITAM, cloud and other IT professionals a better understanding of cloud economics and includes 10 tips on how to efficiently contain escalating cloud costs.

Experience a paradigm shift in your cloud management approach. Download this whitepaper now to master best practices in the most pertinent cloud use cases:

  • Leveraging hybrid license rights for optimal utilization
  • Establishing cost alerts as guardians of fiscal prudence
  • Selecting precise instance types for budget efficiency
  • Harnessing the power of reserved instances or savings plans
  • Automating the orchestration of cloud resources for streamlined management