Thriving in a Chatbot Universe

How to combine specialist chatbots into one universe of knowledge

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How a chatbot ecosystem masters complex tasks

Chatbots are often the first point of contact for customers for a service request, and the expectations for this initial interaction with your brand are high. Customers expect qualitative answers to all inquiries. A single bot quickly reaches its information limits here. If the chatbot as the figurehead of your company cannot deliver here, frustration on the customer side increases. 

Understanding the power of the Bot Universe

The solution is the Bot Universe, in which several conversational chatbots work together and, with their swarm intelligence, cover a much broader range of topics than a single chatbot could. Nothing changes for the customers, they continue to talk to AI bot, which now cooperates with many chatbot colleagues. You benefit from simplified content editing, reduced maintenance and easy integration of additional bots, including voice bots. 

Using the Chatbot Universe to Your Advantage

Learn in the whitepaper:

  • What advantages the Bot Universe offers over traditional chatbot solutions, for example, chatbots HR, chatbot marketing or ecommerce chatbots
  • How Bot Universe can improve your customer service
  • How you can integrate and extend the chatbot technology into your existing solution
  • How the editorial and maintenance effort of your chatbots is reduced
  • Understand the uses of artificial intelligence and the applications of artificial intelligence in the chatbot universe