Fact Sheet: Cloud Cost Management as a Service

What can efficient cloud cost management do for you?

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According to Forrester, 94% of organizations over-provision cloud resources to avoid application performance degradation. Cloud overspend inevitably reduces the return on investment (ROI), which you (as a cloud cost manager) are probably not happy with.

With USU Cloud Cost Management as a Service (CCMaaS), it is possible to get an accurate overview of cloud resources and usage, avoid overcapacity and analyze in real time which resources are needed for which applications.

Find out more about the benefits of CCMaaS and what efficient cloud cost management can do for you:

  • Transparency into all common public cloud providers such as Azure, AWS, or Google
  • Comprehensive reporting on usage data and actual resource requirements in real time
  • Detailed overview of the distribution of compute and SQL database instances
  • FinOps experts deliver actionable measures as part of our +Optimization service
  • Savings of up to 30% possible depending on the cloud optimization strategy