eBook: Digital Employee Experience DEX

Using ITSM and ESM tools for optimized digital workflows

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IT organizations want to help ensure that employees have the best possible experience at their workplace. This is because they have high expectations of a modern Digital Employee Experience (DEX). A comprehensive enterprise service management system (ESM) can help to automate processes intelligently and create a future-proof digital workplace. But what needs to be considered and what features should an ITSM or ESM tool bring to the table?

In the following eBook, we address precisely these questions and present, among other things, the results of the latest study "Digital Workflows 2023". USU was once again a study partner here in the Germany-wide survey on the use of enterprise service management solutions, published by CIO, CSO and COMPUTERWOCHE.

In this eBook, you will read:

  • What is Digital Employee Experience (DEX) and how does the term relate to ITSM and ESM solutions.
  • Tool-usage in the digitization of workflows, also in non-IT areas
  • Criteria and goals when implementing DEX tools.
  • Importance of AI, chatbots and self-service applications