The Ultimate Knowledge Management Salesforce Integration

Consolidate, improve and maintain all your data in one place and deliver it to any channel.

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A Professional Knowledge Base in Service Environments

Are you tired of working between multiple programs and struggling to maintain accurate and up-to-date information? Look no further than USU Knowledge Management, the ultimate solution for enhancing your Salesforce CRM.

While Salesforce offers a Knowledge Management solution, its functionality is limited and doesn't adequately address the growing demands of a multichannel output. That's where USU Knowledge Management comes in. Designed specifically for customer support, our platform consolidates, improves, and maintains all your data in one place, delivering it seamlessly across any channel.

With USU Knowledge Management, you'll experience significant cost reductions, reduced handling times, and improved First Call Resolution (FCR) rates through our purpose-made CX tool.

In this flyer, discover:

  • The benefits of a professional knowledge base
  • The key differences between USU Knowledge Management and Salesforce Knowledge
  • The capabilities and features of a professional tool
  • How to optimize your customer service with our purpose-made CX tool
Take your Salesforce integration to the next level with USU Knowledge Management. Download our flyer today to learn more!