4 phases to a customer and partner portal

How to make your portal work for all stakeholders

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Put your customer or partner portal into action now!

Companies today must continuously address the question of how they can improve the customer and partner experience when working together, thus maintaining the relationship in the long term. An important means of doing this is setting up a customer or partner portal through which data can be exchanged and service processes executed.

To ensure that this portal offers real added value and thus becomes a success, companies must take numerous aspects into account during analysis, design, implementation and ongoing optimization. This white paper provides an overview of which aspects are important in your portal project in four phases

In this Smart Guide " Four phases to a future-proof customer and partner portal " you’ll learn:

  • Which phases have to be passed in a portal project
  • Which aspects need to be considered for each phase
  • The role of a master plan in a project
  • The relevant questions you need to answer when planning a portal