Gartner®: Leverage AIOps and Adapt ITSM Practices to Optimize Hybrid Cloud Support

Complimentary Gartner® report for all I&O leaders looking to improve change and incident management in a complex hybrid cloud environment

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ITSM in the context of hybrid cloud support: How can AI improve, accelerate, and automate incident handling?

Cloud-first strategies are becoming more and more prevalent resulting in companies rapidly changing business demands and minimizing capital investment. In this context, the adoption of cloud services, i.e. SaaS, PaaS and IaaS, is a favored approach to cost reduction and cost optimization for many companies.

The shift of services to the cloud leads to a complexity of the IT infrastructure environment. The resulting hybrid cloud environment can significantly complicate the end-to-end visibility. According to this Gartner®-report, cloud initiatives can lead to environment complexity and reduced system visibility, disrupting business and resulting in longer incident recovery times

Especially when moving to the cloud, customer expectations should be met and methods should be used to:

  • Map dependencies
  • Establish shared telemetry
  • Conduct incident prevention
  • Use AI to improve data ingestion and event correlation capabilities

This Gartner® report "Leverage AIOps and Adapt ITSM Practices to Optimize Hybrid Cloud Support " provides valuable recommendations for IT leaders who want to improve their change and incident management in a complex hybrid cloud infrastructure and learn more about using AI/ML capabilities to do so.

By reading this Gartner® report, we feel, you will be able to gain the following insights:

  • Recommendations for IT leaders who are responsible for service operations of cloud and hybrid infrastructure environments
  • Create End-to-End-transparency into your digital infrastructure
  • Dealing with exponential growth in monitoring data in hybrid cloud environments for incident diagnosis and root cause analysis
  • Recommendation for an AI-driven approach in IT service management for faster correlation analysis in change and incident management