SAM Buyers Guide: How to Choose the Right SAM Provider

Supercharge your Software Asset Management with strategic choices

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Choose the right vendor for long term, sustainable SAM.

Managing your software is a must-have pillar of business success.  

Software Asset Management (SAM) is a proven strategy for controlling budget and maximizing savings while making the best software decisions to support the work of your employees and stakeholders. 

Too often, a company might rush to purchase a SAM solution without investing the necessary time to do the “homework” needed for a long term, sustainable process.

This SAM Buyers Guide will help you: 

  • Evaluate the types of SAM vendors and consultants you need 
  • Identify the SAM services engagement you might require as support  
  • Review hosting options on your servers or their cloud 
  • Learn some of the operational areas of a SAM solution  
  • Understand different licensing models and additional costs 

A successful SAM initiative touches many people, departments, cost centers, and data silos in an organization. You should approach the SAM providers with a realistic outline of your priorities and goals, and a firm list of topics and questions to kick off the evaluation.  

Let’s look at that together.