The Way to a User-Oriented IT Self-Service-Portal

Best Practice approach to enhance the Digital Employee Experience

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Self-service processes can make a significant contribution to enhancing the digital employee experience. This is one reason why every company should consider self-service as a focus topic. Important for project planning and implementation: In a self-service project, all 4 phases of the end user experience should be considered, because consistency is key. All phases contribute to a positive user experience.

This whitepaper provides a practical guide for implementing a user-centric IT self-service portal. It is intended to provide initial guidance for projects that pursue the goal of a better Digital Employee Experience.

In this whitepaper you will read about:

  • the 4 phases of the enduser experience
  • key aspects during each of the 4 phases
  • Important factors for the success of an IT self-service portal
  • practical examples of IT and non-IT self-service processes in organizations