Unleash full cloud-saving potential with Reserved Instances

A comprehensive guide to leverage powerful cost optimization strategies without compromising IT performance.

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While cloud computing offers scalability, flexibility, and on-demand resource allocation, it's essential to optimize costs without compromising performance. This is where Reserved Instances come into play.

The whitepaper aims to demystify Reserved Instances in public cloud environments, providing cloud users, admins, and FinOps practitioners with a comprehensive guide on how to leverage a powerful cost optimization strategy to maximize cloud investments.


Download this whitepaper now to learn more about:
  • The benefits of Reserved Instances
  • What you must prepare before RI-purchasing
  • Tips how to manage and optimize RIs
  • How to renew and expand Reserved Instances
  • Why reporting and cost management are essential for optimizing RI-usage and cost savings.

Embracing Reserved Instances and employing the techniques discussed in this document will empower you to maximize the value of your organization’s cloud investments.