USU Knowledge Management – Important Features

Central source for all quality-assured knowledge

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Understand Knowledge Management Tools and Benefits

USU Knowledge Management is more than just a knowledge database. Our knowledge database is the central source for all quality-assured knowledge. You therefore do not have to store your information multiple times, but can maintain it centrally and make it available to your employees or customers via a wide variety of channels. A knowledge sharing software can give your company the organization it needs. 

This is just one of our advantages. Download this free fact sheet to get to know the most important features and gain important insights for a comparison of enterprise knowledge management solutions.

Knowledge management process made easy

Having a knowledge management platform doesn't just assist customers, it also helps agents. An internal knowledge management system makes communication streamlined and simple. 

This fact sheet will give you valuable insights into:

  • Knowledge Management Best Practices
  • Knowledge Management System Examples
  • Knowledge Management Systems in Business
  • Knowledge Access
  • Knowledge Formats
  • Knowledge Processing
  • Multi-Channel Use
  • Technical System Integration