360-Degree Monitoring: Everything at a Glance with One Solution

How to seamlessly monitor complex IT infrastructures

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This white paper describes the practical hurdles IT organizations face today, provides valuable tips on IT monitoring, helps you identify relevant problems quickly and precisely at a glance, and describes what an "ideal" solution might look like.

360-degree IT monitoring, or umbrella monitoring, is a holistic solution approach that brings together heterogeneous isolated monitoring solutions that have grown over the years by providing a higher-level, unified and comprehensive monitoring solution. It enables you to centrally monitor your entire local or cloud-based computing environment - in real time and with minimal effort. Thus, a 360-degree monitoring tool provides you with a unique opportunity to have a complete overview of your IT environment.

In this white paper you will learn:

  • What an ideal IT infrastructure monitoring system should do
  • What you should consider when implementing an IT monitoring system
  • What the economic implications are of implementing the solution