AI-Based Automation in Knowledge Management

Reduced effort and higher quality in your customer service

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How can automation and artificial intelligence support knowledge management?

Knowledge is an essential asset for any company. As the amount of information is constantly growing, the management of company-relevant knowledge is becoming more and more time-consuming: vast quantities of documents have to be regularly checked, updated or optimized, especially in customer service. Without AI automated processes, all these tasks can hardly be managed with reasonable effort.

For example, AI-based automation in knowledge management for call centers can greatly assist agents in inquiries. A call center knowledge base with the assistance of automation can bring answers quickly and efficiently to those who need it most. With a call center solution in knowledge management, decision trees easily funnel the right information to agents and customers through AI.  

Bringing AI-based automation to your company

In this white paper, you will learn about the potential that automation and artificial intelligence offer in knowledge management and how you can use them to provide the service your customers expect. 

Find out in this white paper:

  • How AI-based automation can improve your customer service
  • Where AI makes sense to use in knowledge management
  • What specific benefits AI can bring to your service center team
  • Why traditional knowledge management systems are reaching their limits