Professional tips for successful SAP® contract negotiations

How to get a handle on S/4HANA, Rise with SAP® and other cloud contracts

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The SAP multiverse can be described as complex: with more than 3,000 SAP products, two dozen user license types and 100 engine metrics, on-prem, cloud and hybrid - it’s easy for customers to lose track. The possible consequences are overlicensing as well as excessive software expenditure. What is important for successful contract negotiations with SAP? 

In this whitepaper, we describe several situations and pitfalls that require special attention in order to negotiate the best contract. By “best” we mean more than just a good price: it’s also about being able to adapt more flexibly to new market situations, or simply to clarify unclear previous regulations.

The whitepaper will help you:

  • gain sound insight into how SAP contracts are structured today
  • gather the most important internal data to consider when moving to the cloud
  • negotiate the best prices and contracts for (cloud) software with SAP.