Knowledge Management Integrates into your Business Tools

Using tools like Salesforce, Microsoft or Genesys? Level-up your CS and CX with USU Knowledge Management Solution.

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Comparing standalone and platform solutions

Customer experience and employee experience are two sides of the same coin. Platform solutions offer a large, user-friendly ecosystem without the need for time-consuming integration. However, in most cases just one or two solutions stand out for knowledge management in business, the rest of the solutions in this ecosystem normally only offer rudimentary functions. Don’t damage your chances of long-term success for a quick win! 

Cutting costs and saving time while using Salesforce, Microsoft and Co.

Enterprise knowledge management provides time and cost cutting solutions. Knowing the different knowledge management examples and the companies that provide them helps you make the most informed decision for your business.  

We explain the KM benefits of a standalone solution compared to a platform tool and how a good knowledge management solution adapts to your most-important business tools like Salesforce, Microsoft and Genesys and enhances the CX and EX of your business. 

Find the right knowledge management tool for your company

With the right information and knowledge management solution, you can give the boost your customers and employees are looking for.

Learn in this whitepaper:

  • Remote diagnostic and problem-solving capabilities you need
  • The pitfalls of relying solely on a platform
  • Four software pillars of successful contact centers
  • How a standalone solution can easily be integrated with your CRM tools like Salesforce
  • Understanding the benefits of Salesforce, Genesys and Microsoft knowledge management