The Digital Workplace: Intranet for Complex Corporate Environments

How to meet modern working requirements with a Digital Expperence Platform (DXP)

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From Intranet to the Workplace of the Future

The world of work is changing, allowing for more flexible work from any location. This transformation poses a particular challenge for large companies with complex structures to create a dynamic infrastructure.

A seamlessly integrated Digital Workplace is crucial in this context. It provides employees with the freedom to choose their work environment while simultaneously supporting the diverse processes and requirements of these companies. Establishing such an environment is a central element in successfully navigating a changing landscape of work.

The white paper provides more information on:
  • The requirements placed on the workplace of the future
  • The diverse benefits that employees and companies can derive from a Digital Workplace
  • The crucial success factors for a successful implementation of the Digital Workplace
  • The central core functions of a Digital Experience Platform (DXP)