How to Find the Right Low-Code Platform

A strategic guide to platform selection for decision makers

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Navigating the low code jungle

In the current landscape of technology development, low-code has become a key term. It is hard to find a software vendor that does not have “low-code” prominently integrated into its portfolio. This development also makes it easier than ever for non-programmers to create applications. However, the abundance of low-code platforms presents decision-makers with the challenge of choosing the right option from a multitude of options.
There are development and process-oriented low-code platforms as well as software ecosystems and platform providers that offer low-code functionality. For the purposes of this comparison, we will use low-code vendor Pegasystems as an example of a process-oriented platform and Mendix as an example of a development-oriented platform. 
The choice of the right platform thus becomes a strategic decision that goes far beyond technical aspects and can lay the foundation for the future IT development of a company.
In this guide you will learn:
  • what types of low-code platforms there are and how they differ
  • guiding questions to help you choose the right low-code platform
  • the application areas of the low-code platform providers Pega and Mendix
  • how USU can support you with low-code development