How to Prepare for Software Audits with Ease

Essential guide to achieve software compliance and savings with solid SAM data

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Conquer Audits Effectively

It’s audit day! You just received the letter from your vendor to prepare extensive data on license purchases and software usage to verify if you're complying with contract terms.

This process creates significant unplanned work for your team. Data analysis is time-consuming, the workload requires full-time attention, and it can often drag out for months before it’s settled.

Adding to the challenge, vendors frequently discover that a company is either under-licensed or non-compliant, leading to negotiations and potentially hefty fines. 

Solid Software Asset Management (SAM) data is key to a strong audit defense. Effective SAM ensures that you're purchasing the correct number of licenses and remaining compliant with all licensing terms and conditions.

Don't Panic! It's Just an Audit.

This white paper is designed to alleviate the stress of your next audit. Drawing on insights from our consultants and experts, you’ll get practical advice on:

  • Collecting data ahead of time with the right people, processes, and tools
  • Using your data smartly during an audit to boost savings and reclaim your budget
  • Preparing for and handling audit negotiations effectively with your SAM data

Whether you operate on-premises or in the cloud, using top-notch data smartly means you can handle your next audit with ease.