Modern IT Financial Management

Classic financial models, service cost allocation, FinOps & TBM

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Goodbye Excel – Hello flexible ITFM Tool!

The increasing use of the cloud brings new challenges for IT financial management due to its dynamism and speed. Modern cost planning and management must adapt to this highly dynamic IT infrastructure environment. Using modern tools is essential for effective IT financial management. An ITFM tool must be flexible and tailored to future challenges in terms of cost transparency and optimization.

In this white paper, we discuss the requirements for modern IT financial management, focusing on the use of tools for a FinOps orientation with TBM (Technology Business Management) as the basic framework.

Download the white paper and discover:
  • How IT Financial Management is embedded in IT Service Management.
  • What characterizes modern IT Financial Management.
  • How to use TBM as a basic framework and align it with FinOps.
  • How your company can get started with tool-supported IT Financial Management.