Software Asset Management: Get started in 5 steps

How to avoid mistakes and successfully implement your tool

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Lay the Foundation for Long-Term Success

The acquisition of a software asset management (SAM) solution is the first step in setting up your company's individual SAM program. Success now depends on the successful implementation of your new tool and the acceptance and use of your users.

With these guidelines, you will be able to prepare the individual stages well, carry out all steps stringently and derive maximum benefit from each phase:

  • Phase 1: Assemble the team
  • Phase 2: Kick-off
  • Phase 3: Installation and connection
  • Phase 4: Collecting data
  • Phase 5: Training
  • Goal! Arrived

You will be rewarded with an automated and fully functional software asset management tool that allows you to answer software and hardware queries securely and quickly at any time. You will also reduce your software license costs by up to 30%. So, what are you waiting for?