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"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success."

Strong on their own - unbeatable together! This motto captures the idea of networked chatbots, working together to solve complex tasks. USU Bot Universe offers a unique chatbot ecosystem, creating new application areas for bots. Since a single chatbot can only cover limited areas, the intelligent and flexible combination of dialog systems as a network of expert chatbots will enable them to serve customers more efficiently and accurately. The USU Bot Universe is a free and open source bot communication protocol published and managed by USU. This universal communication format is provided on the basis of JSON, for any type of chatbot.

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What are chatbot networks for?

2021-09-28_km_usu-bot-universe_en Chatbot networks can be used to automate and digitize services, especially customer services. Among other things, users can significantly save costs and manpower. 

The vision of USU Bot Universe is to be able to combine different bots. The simple creation of small, clear, and reusable chatbots makes it possible to build powerful dialog systems that can handle extensive tasks with little effort.

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Highlights of USU Bot Universe: 

thumbnail Create large powerful "chatbot teams" of simple and manageable bots to make projects more efficient.  
Integrate chatbots flexibly, regardless of vendor and technology.

Create interfaces that can be used by many others.

Become part of our chatbot ecosystem that enables bots to explore new areas of application. 

USU & Open Source 

As part of the open source project, USU takes on an administrative role and provides the universal communication protocol and exchange platforms for the USU Bot Universe community free of charge. In return, the community supports USU in the further development and troubleshooting of the project. For example, protocol adapters for chatbots of other technologies are to be developed in the course of the working group, which can then in turn be used by the community and USU. 

How to contribute to the USU Bot Universe open source project 

To participate in the project, you can simply clone the source code in the GitHub repository of the USU Bot Universe. If you undertake the further development of the USU Bot Universe code, notice a bug, or have an idea for advancing the technology, you can share this with the USU Bot Universe open source community using a pull request. The community will then decide how to proceed with your suggestion and may implement it.

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