Award-Winning Software Asset Management with USU (formerly Aspera)

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Optimize Costs and Lower Audit Risks


Fully scalable for every IT landscape, USU Software Asset Management covers every environment and all license types and manages all of your software vendors like IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle, and SAP. 

With a fully integrated product database, dedicated discovery tool, 90% automatic product recognition, and powerful topology visualization features, organizations can find up to 30% savings by automating SAM to ensure compliance.




In the Cloud or On-Premises: Know the Licenses You Need, Instantly

Track licenses for servers, desktops, cloud, and mobile in a centralized system
✓ Ensure compliance and defend against software license audits
✓ Manage any type of volume agreement and multi-layered contract conditions
✓ Simulate and compare different server and licensing scenarios for strategic IT forecasting
✓ Deliver big data center optimization and savings
✓ Closely monitor and track cloud services consumption and costs
✓ Build customized reports and share KPIs and results

USU Software Asset Management is Has Been Awarded Certifications and Verifications from Industry Leading Analysts and Vendors


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