Time for something new?

When you should consider changing SAM tools


In the dynamic landscape of software asset and license management, the need for a reliable partner has never been greater. As SAM tools play a pivotal role in navigating the vast volumes of data, ensuring compliance, and optimizing costs, the expectations for a substantial return on investment can sometimes falter.

Picture this: the landscape has changed and your previous SAM provider no longer fits your unique requirements. If you find yourself at a crossroads, questioning the efficiency of your current SAM solution, it might be the perfect time to consider a refreshing change.

Recognizing the Signs for Change

Here are some indicators that your current SAM tool might no longer be a perfect fit:

•    Tool features falling short of increased requirements
•    Inadequate data quality for crucial areas like CMDB
•    SAM tool not aligning with data security standards
•    Underutilization of the tool's potential due to resource constraints
•    Uncertainty about the future of the SAM tool and support

If the software asset management tool no longer meets your requirements, the situation must be examined in detail and the challenge addressed.

Wissen Sie eigentlich, ...


... dass Softwarekosten einen erheblichen Anteil der IT-Kosten ausmachen?

Laut Studien machen Softwarekosten einen erheblichen Teil der IT-Ausgaben in Unternehmen aus, und eine effektive Kostenoptimierung im Software-Asset-Management kann zu erheblichen Einsparungen führen.


... dass ein SAM-Tool zur Effizienzsteigerungen beiträgt?

Ein effizientes SAM-Tool automatisiert viele Aspekte des Lizenzmanagements, was nicht nur die Arbeitsbelastung reduziert, sondern auch menschliche Fehler minimiert. Dadurch können Kosten durch manuelle Prozesse und Fehler vermieden werden.


... Compliance-Verstöße ein häufiges Problem bei der Softwarenutzung sind?

Um Compliance-Verstöße zu vermeiden, ist es entscheidend, robuste Software-Asset-Management-Tools zu implementieren, die eine genaue Lizenzverfolgung und regelmäßige Audits umfassen.

Embrace Change with Confidence

Of course, it is not easy to question (or even change) a decision made earlier. A change of tool would cost additional effort and money. And yes, a lot has already been invested in the current tool. Despite all the pros and cons, it can sometimes make sense to change your strategy and adapt appropriately to a new basic situation.

Acknowledging the challenges, we offer a seamless transition with our  Tool Migration Services. Our seasoned SAM consultants will evaluate your specific needs, provide detailed advice and formulate a strategy tailored to your situation. While changing your SAM tool should be a last resort, if you decide to make the shift, rest assured that our process ensures a smooth transition. Your current SAM solution and data will be seamlessly integrated into an optimized SAM strategy.

For new customers, our comprehensive switch offer includes USU investment protection for your existing SAM tool, an enticing fixed-price package, and SAM Managed Services for configuring and implementing your new tool. Dive deeper into the details by downloading our brochure now.

An ROI of 383%: Your CFO should like this USU case study


We asked the analysts at Forrester to take a closer look at one of our SAM projects for SaaS optimization.

Find out how a global pharmaceutical company benefited from USU Software Asset Management after just 3 months and was able to save tens of millions in software costs within three years.

Ein ROI von 383%: Diese USU Case Study dürfte Ihrem CFO gefallen

Wir hatten die Analysten von Forrester damit beauftragt, sich eines unserer SAM-Projekte für SaaS-Optimierung genauer anzusehen. 

Erfahren Sie, wie ein globaler Pharma-Konzern bereits nach 3 Monaten von USU Software Asset Management profitierte und innerhalb von drei Jahren Software-Kosten in zweistelliger Millionenhöhe einsparen konnte

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Smooth tool change with the USU migration service

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You have found your ideal SAM solution and know what you want to achieve. Now it's time to implement your SAM step by step until it's up and running and you're creating value for your company.

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